Submarine Cable launched by PM Modi

Daily Current Affairs - 04 October 2020
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Chennai-Andaman and Nicobar Island Submarine Cable System on August 10 2020 through a video conferencing. The projects connects Chennai and Port Blair through Submarine Opticle Fibre Cable(OFC) for better internet connectivity and telecommunication.

Submarine Cable
PM Narendra Modi

Key Points

  • The foundation stone of the project was laid by PM Narendra Modi on 30 December, 2018, at Port Blair.
  • The cost of the OFC project is Rs 1224 crore.
  • The length of the under water cable is 2,313 km.
  • The project has been funded by the Department of Telecommunicatiom and executed by state-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL).
  • The OFC will provide internet speeds of up to 400 gbps till port Blair and 200 gbps in the other islands.
  • The underwater OFC link will deliver bandwidth of 2 x 200 GB per second between Chennai and Port Blair and 2 x 100 GB per second between Port Blair and Other islands.

Advantages of the OFC project

  • The cable will boost digital connectivity of Andaman Islands with the mainland.
  • The problem of mobile and internet connectivity is resolved as soon as the project is launched.
  • The scope of tourism industry will increase many folds as a better net connectivity has become the first priority for any tourist site.
  • A considerabe development will be seen in ease of living of the natives of Andaman. They will now have easy access to online classes, tourism, online shopping, tourism services, net banking, telemedicine and many more.
  • The project will improve connectivity from Chennai to Port Blair and seven other islands . They are Swaraj Deep(Havelock), Rangat, Kamorta, Long Island, Hutbay(Little Andaman), Car Nicobar and Campbell Bay(Great Nicobar).

What is a submarine communication cable ?

A submarine communication cable is a cable which is laid on the seabed connecting land-based stations to transmit telecommunication signals across stretches of ocean and sea. They are also called Submarine Optical Fibre Cable.

Submarine cables are laid down in the ocean or sea bed by using specially modified ships.

The first submarine communications cable was laid in 1850 which became operational on 16 August 1858. It was used to carry telegraphy traffic between continents.

Types of Submarine Cables

There are two types of Submarine. They are – Unrepeatered and repeatered Submarine fibre cables.

  • Unrepeatered Cables – This submarine cables does not require repeaters. They are used to connect stations with short distances. They are low cost cables but the maximum transmission distance is limited.
  • Repeatered Cables – Repeatered Cables need repeaters and can connect stations with long distance.

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